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Re: [IP] lancets and warts

ruth, I don't think there is any relation between diabetes and warts.
Warts are caused by a virus, and nobody know much about it.  It can spread
fast, slow, or not at all.  Sometimes they can be a real pain to get rid
of, but there are all sorts of new and creative ways to do that.

Susan,I've never heard of anyone getting a wart from a cut.   You should be
written up somewhere *S*. But that wart could just as easily spread via
your blood.   The virus is already inside you--it doesn't need any free
rides from one finger to another via a lancet.   But I agree that EMTs and
nurses are often brutal when it comes to getting a finger stuck for blood.
Once I tried to tell them that there were more comfortable automatic
lancing devices available, but the nurse who lacerated my fingers said she
couldn't be bothered with all those complicated contraptions.  This was a
hospital after all, she said, and they had lots of work to do quickly.
Nurse Ratchett indeed:-)

<have any of you or your IDDM kids have a serious wart problem?
<geneva has huge warts all over her fingers and particularly in the spots on
<the sides of her fingers where she pokes.
<I am wondering if this is part of the autoimmune syndrome or what?
<mom of geneva age 10

>In march I had an EMT on a ski slope STAB my finger with a lancet (don't
>they know that it only has to prick the skin???)  That "hole" tooks weeks to
>recover and was very sore.  Unfortunately that little hole provided entrance
>to my finger for a wart (a virus) to start growing - and due to the fact
>that I don't think about what finger I am stabbing - I do it "blindly" - I
>ended up stabbing that sore spot again several weeks later, before I
>realized that a wart had started to grow.   This spread the virus to another
>finger, which had two "open" holes that each starting growing.  AGH!
>Last week a new one appeared on my OTHER hand... (eight finger to test from
>if you don't use thumbs, and now I have five :( )
>NOw if I had used a sterile lancet every time, that damn little virus
>probably wouldn't have spread.  Granted, even with that knowledge I don't
>>change it every time - 17 years of bad "lancet use" is a hard habit to

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