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[IP] lancets

One note about lancets, disgusting, but needs to be shared...

In march I had an EMT on a ski slope STAB my finger with a lancet (don't
they know that it only has to prick the skin???)  That "hole" tooks weeks to
recover and was very sore.  Unfortunately that little hole provided entrance
to my finger for a wart (a virus) to start growing - and due to the fact
that I don't think about what finger I am stabbing - I do it "blindly" - I
ended up stabbing that sore spot again several weeks later, before I
realized that a wart had started to grow.   This spread the virus to another
finger, which had two "open" holes that each starting growing.  AGH!

Last week a new one appeared on my OTHER hand... (eight finger to test from
if you don't use thumbs, and now I have five :( )

NOw if I had used a sterile lancet every time, that damn little virus
probably wouldn't have spread.  Granted, even with that knowledge I don't
change it every time - 17 years of bad "lancet use" is a hard habit to


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