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Re: [IP] unsubscribe

Hi Mimi,
If you want you can go on the digest.there is so much to learn about pumping.
If your doc isn't going to help you out is there another doc you can see?
I wonder what the 2 other women didn't like about thier pump?  putting them
your doc ought to do what is best for you. How would the insurance comp
even know if the owmen are using thier pumps or not? Your doctor sounds
like he isn't too familiar with the pump which is too bad for you. My
sliding scale should I go high and need correction is this formula.
take the BS (example 280) minus 100=180 divide by 30= 6 which is the amount
of units I give to me..before I was on the pump that was also my sliding
I hope you continue to visit our web site and best of luck to you..and I do
hope we see you again in the near future. Remember we are always here to
email @ redacted
or chat with me online
aol chat ID riverbijou
ICQ# 48743803

At 11:57 PM 09/12/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Good evening list,
>I have enjoyed my time with you and have learned much about pumping.  I
>have decided that it is the way I want to go.  Saw my new endo on Fri.
>Very nice man but overly conservative and overly concerned about what
>the insurance co will allow him to do.  He prescribed a couple of pumps
>recently to young women who he thought were perfect canditates and they
>both hate them and wont use them.  I got the impression that he was
>hesitant to prescribe another right now because the ins co might not
>like it.  Well, he wants me to eat the SADA and I will try for a little
>while, but I know that that is way too many carbo for me to be able to
>lose weight. He also wants me to do sliding scale, but the dose is still
>very rigid. H...6/b...8/l...& 12/D.  No mention of how many carbos this
>should cover so I'm still in the dark.  Well, the soonest I could
>consider a pump would be mid December, so I will sign off the list and
>see you again when I am nearer to getting a pump.  Thanks again.  You're
>a neat group.

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