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[IP] blood in the tubing and calm in the head


I've just had another experience that made me glad I found the IP list.
I inserted a sofset the other night that went in perfectly and
painlessly--one of those ones that you truly can't feel.  However,
within a few minutes, there was blood in the cannula and tubing, almost
to the quick release.  I have never had this happen in nearly 4 years of
pumping.  It was only because of previous postings I have read on this
topic that I didn't freak out.  Instead, I decided to go out for the
evening, as planned, keeping a close eye on blood sugar and the set
itself.  My blood sugars were not out of the ordinary, so I decided to
keep the set in.  Later that night, I did develop a large, nasty looking
black/purple bruise around the set, and it is a little tender.  But it's
working, and so I will keep it.

Just thought you guys should know that your words of wisdom and
experience kept me calm in what might have been quite an unsettling
situation.  Thanks.

with a big, ugly bruise, a blood sugar of 142, and a relatively new
lancet--only a few weeks on this current one!   ;-)

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