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Re: [IP] Lancets

Bob ,
    I 've been reuseing my lancets for years, They get dull after 25 to30 uses.
Skin prep. with soap and water or Alcohol is all I have ever done. Never have I had a Infection.
                               GOOD LUCK MIKE
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Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 9:14 AM
Subject: [IP] Lancets

O.K., I have been reading all the notes on reusing lancets,  and I guess I am out of touch, but I use a new one every time.  For those who go for a long time on the same one, do you do anything to sterilize or clean it?  Like wiping it with alcohol?  Do any of you get infection in your fingers?  It sure would make life a little easier not to have to carry around additional lancets all the time.  Thanks