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[IP] success with dual waves, nurses, explaining the pump

Hi again!  On the subject of school nurses, mine is one of the ones that 
needs to get a clue!! She keeps asking me why I don't need to take insulin 
before sports and then wanted me to give her permission to use an insulin 
pen if I was unconscious!!! Yikes!  This is the same one who wanted me to 
drive home, take my insulin, and come back to school when the nurses office 
was locked because I "Couldn't" have needles outside the nurses office.  
fortunately or unfortunately, she doesn't quite realize that the pump 
doesn't check bgs, so for now I'm getting away with testing in class!! yea!
   Also, since I started pumping ( 5 days!!) none of my teachers noticed 
until I told them, but I've had about 20 kids ask me why I'm wearing a 
beeper :)  One person even asked me where she could get one of those cool 
beepers since she saw someone else with one.  ..turns out she knows the 
other pumper at my school.
   And did I mention that I love this thing?  I've been walking around with 
bgs in the 80's!! And, I had my first piece of cake in FOREVER yesterday and 
used the dual wave bolus: started at 82 and two hours after the bolus ended 
I was 87!!  Had an ice cream sundae today while meeting two other pumpers . 
. .we'll see how that goes!  Here's wishing good bgs to all of the pumpers 
out there.  --Gianna, happily pumping

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