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[IP] sils sticking, site bleeding, basals

hi all-- a few questions about pumping.  I'm using silouettes 
(tenders/comforts.etc.) and after the second day the tape starts coming up.  
I have cut little semicircles in my IV300s and put them over the sil, so the 
little circle part comes through and I can still disconnect.  Just a 
suggestion for people who have problems with sil tape.  I was wondering if 
people had different solutions or if it would still stick if I put the IV 
3000 down first because it leaves less residue than the sil tape.
	 Also, is bleeding a sign that you inserted to far?  Let me explain, my 
first set was a sof-set which felt fine and worked beautifully.  But when I 
took it out, tons of blood started pouring out!! (OK Ok, I'm being 
dramatic.)  Now there's this little blue bump there.  Does this mean I don't 
have enough abdominal fat to use this thing? I have a sil in the other side 
now and we'll see what happens tomorow.
  One more thing, I am starting to adjust my basals for a slight dawn 
phenomenon.  I  woke up at 6:30 the first three days at 86 (or so) mg/dl, 
and didn't eat breakfast right away.  By breakfast (45 min. later) I was up 
to about 130.  Bolused with usual ratio and back to 130ish two hours later.  
So obviously I need more basal insulin in the morning.  My question is, do I 
set the increase for a specific TIME, say 6:00 to 11:00 (rise seems to 
stabilize around 10:30)  or do I set a temp basal every day for four hours 
after I get up?  Is there any way to test whether it's the time of day or 
the time you get up that matters??  Thanks, Gianna

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