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Re: [IP] re: lancet

.....until I found
>out that NOT washing your hands can affect your readings.  Especially if
>you've just handled anything with sugar.

Hi all--I've also found that handling things with sugar definately affects 
readings.  The other night before bed I tested at 160, so bolused .8 units, 
but then realized that considering my dinner, that didn't seem right.  So 
before pulling out all the stuff to change sets, I tested three more times 
and came up with 111, 114, and 109.  So much for my .8 units.  So I had some 
glucose tabs and went to bed.  All was well, but wouldn't have been if I 
hadn't checked again.  From now on I'll wash my hands if I can, also, I know 
this isn't exactly a sterile technique, but licking your finger clean 
usually works too.  --gianna

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