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[IP] another lesson learned

Happy Sunday,

We sure had a strange Saturday...and it is funny because I just got done 
saying to someone how great Kevin was doing, but I'm not going to get 
complacent about it since it still is diabetes!

Friday night, Kevin went to bed around 120! perfect. I checked him at 12 
midnight and he was 200! weird...(but he had a high fat dinner...so we did 

Kevin woke up high and was going to play soccer at 9 am so we tried to be 
conservative with his correction. He played for almost 2 hours and we knew he 
would test high at lunch.(he dumps glucose with exercise) 

By 3pm he was even HIGHER (280) so we tested for ketones and started checking 
out the site. We gave a more enthusiastic correction and checked 1 hour later 
to see how he was doing. He was now at 360! We gave him a shot, changed the 
tubing and site and by now it was dinner time! 8pm he was still over 300! 
What was going on?  He hasnt had #'s like this since shots!! We gave one more 
correction and figured if THIS didnt do it, we were going to change pumps, 
insulin, site, etc. We were at a loss. 

So, at 9pm, he came to check and the strips had run out...he replaced them 
and the do-hickey that goes into the monitor and checked and he was 102! 
WHAT? Then it dawned on me....

In July, we went to Seattle and I wanted a strip bottle to put our disposable 
stuff in. So I emptied a bottle and pulled the 6-8 strips out with the 
monitor do-hickey and set it in a paper towel for later.  Friday night, I 
cleaned out that strip bottle and put the strips back in it and used them at 
midnight for the first time. THAT was his first HIGH!!

What he went thru all day Saturday...#1, we are lucky he never went LOW! #2 
We are grateful that it wasnt the pump that "let us down!"  Our minds are 
racing though...how could we have kept correcting like that and have nothing 
happen?  Today he is back to normal again, as he has been since we changed 
the strips. 

Another lesson learned....and we move on!

Thanks for listening!

Mom of Kevin
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