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Re: [IP] lancet getting dull

Amy's poor fingers are getting pretty calloused from all her testing. I 
changed her lancet Friday night, w/o her knowing, and she didn't complain 
about it hurting, just that she had to squeeze harder (I inadvertently set 
her lancing device to 3 from 5 -- opps!). When I told her I changed the 
lancet, she was irritated with me -- she would go a year on a single one if I 
let her. I just think, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong) that a 
sharper lancet may help reduce some (and only some) of the callousing going 
on, because it would be a "finer" hole. I laugh whenever Minimed asks me if 
we need lancets -- think we have enough for a lifetime!

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