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[IP] Type 1 1/2

My daughter was dx'd so early that she "honeymooned" for over a year and a 
half.  When they went to test her brother for the diabetic gene, they weren't 
sure he could qualify for the trials because they kinda thought she was a 
type II, which would have been very rare for a 7 y.o.  I guess that would 
have been a type 1 1/2 too!  We thought we had it good, very good control, 
very little effort - at that point she didn't even have to give up real juice 
- A1cs in the 5s.  About 2 years into it, by age 8 all hell broke loose.  
After a year of that, we decided to pump! And here we are - far from a type 1 
1/2!  Holly
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