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[IP] College Worries - AKA "The bungee unbilical cord"

Do our worries about our diabetic kids never cease??

Elissa (age 18, pumping almost 15 years), cheerfully
started college two weeks ago.  Even though she has a
ton of work, she's really enjoying it. I am starting
to relax a little - I think she's going to be ok.

BAM!!! - I get a frantic phone call - she's sobbing
hysterically.  Seems she had a low blood sugar &
accidentally threw out her student ID, her wallet
containing her driver's license, and all her cash!

"What's the problem?" I ask.  "Can't you go get a new

"Mom, I have to pay $15 cash, which I don't have. 
Besides, the camera is broken, so I can't get another
ID until next week."

"Well, you'll be OK until next week, won't you?"

"Mom, I need my ID to eat in the dining hall.  I know
I'm on the pump, but I can't go five days without

NOW I'm starting to get the picture and I'm not
pleased.  I begin to make a series of phone calls - to
security, to the ID booth, to Residence
Life......every place I call, the attitude is
apathetic, to say the least. I am getting more & more
agitated.  The dining hall will temporarily accept
another form of ID until she gets a new card.

"But you don't understand!!  SHE HAS NO OTHER FORM OF
ID - she lost it!!

"I'm sorry - that's our policy," she replies.  "You
understand, don't you?"

I am near apoplexy. "Listen," I say, "Elissa is a
young ladie with diabetes.  Lack of food in not a
MINOR issue!"

"I'm sorry, but that's our policy."

FINALLY, I call the office of Student Affairs (should
have done that in the first place).  I spoke to a man
who couldn't have been nicer.  He was really concerned
& immediately issued Elissa a temporary card.

So now I have to go out & get some Loving Care to
cover my new gray hairs.
What's the point of this diatribe?  I thought I had
every base covered re Elissa's diabetes, but this was
something I did not anticipate.  
We never, EVER stop worrying about our kids and
diabetes only compounds things.   

Judy Premerlani


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