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[IP] re: weight loss

 I lost ten pounds my first two weeks of pumping...was eating about 2
meals a day adn had been told by one endo fellow NOT to snack, so it
dropped very much. Had my 2 week checkup and was told duh you can eat
snacks (bad advice from the first guy) and that the endo (real one)
wanted me to put those ten pounds back on..so now i enjoy the freedom,
which sometimes would be nice not to b/c i feel like a pig at times.
Now i've put back 5 of the pounds, not really intentionally but am
trying to drop them again when i get teh chance..i change daily, i can
eat nothing all day and be fine, or i have a day of chasing lows,
etc,etc...my parents think i don't eat enough, but one or two nights a
week i think i make up for it all:-)

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