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Re: [IP] re:back of arms////infusion sets

In a message dated 9/11/99 10:05:21 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< i have found very few "comfortable" spots >>


If you run out of sets this weekend, remember, your pump support group can 
help :)

I have been using the area just below the breasts, in front of the rib cage, 
for the last 5 sets, and it has worked perfectly.  Below the rib cage has 
always been a problem for me (I think it gets knocked when I sit:  anyway 
they have always gotten kinked or irritated).  I seem to have gotten the 
nerve up to try this by giving insulin to a diabetic dog I was watching 
(there wasn't any fat or tissue to speak of under the skin).  I am using a 
very shallow silhouette insertion -- everything stays in the pinched up skin, 
which I can only get much of when I sit and bend forward (when I am lying 
down it doesn't look like there could possibly be any room there, but it must 
just be lying just about parallel to the skin.)  When the skin is pinched up, 
I am inserting parallel to the surface of the body.   It's been almost 
completely trouble free (a couple of times I have felt it when I moved in a 
certain way).

Has anyone else tried this?   Do people do it on the sides of the body?

Linda Zottoli  
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