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Re: [IP] NDL?!?

I have had it on my legs for a couple years now- spots a little bigger than silver dollars on my shins.  They are a fuschia-red color, you can see the blood vessels through the skin in places, and it looks like my skin is indented(sort of concave), and also dead skin peels from it if I don't keep it moist.  I actually had ulcerous parts on them until I went to a wound care center.  They treated it for about 4 months and now the open ulcerous parts have healed over, but the NDL is still there.  In certain diabetic books under skin complications it will tell you a little about it, but I haven't seen any books exclusively about that.  Most docs I have talked to said there is no treatment to get rid of it completely.  You have to be careful not to hit it so that it doesn't open or create an ulcer, that is the only time when it becomes a problem.  Keep your sugars under control and it shouldn't get any bigger or deeper or start to ulcer.  Try going to the library and looking in the index of books on dm for necrobiosis, dermatology, or skin.  I hope you find what you're looking for.  If you're going to see a doc, I would not recommend a dermatologist, but instead a wound care center.  That's who helped me the most.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum (NDL)?  I think that may be what's been going on with my skin, & I am finding next to NO references to it in our "diabetes library" here!  Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!!