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Re: [IP] Lancets

On 11 Sep 99, at 9:23, daytect wrote:

> O.K., I have been reading all the notes on reusing lancets,  and I guess I
> am out of touch, but I use a new one every time.  For those who go for a
> long time on the same one, do you do anything to sterilize or clean it? 
> Like wiping it with alcohol?  Do any of you get infection in your fingers?
>  It sure would make life a little easier not to have to carry around
> additional lancets all the time.  Thanks
> Bob

The answers are No, No and No (for myself at least).  I do wash 
(sometimes lick the chocolate) my fingers before testing.  The 
lancet is sterile to begin with and as long as my fingers are 
reasonably "sterile" I don't worry about it.  Now if I were to put it 
into a "not so sterile" environment, I would change.  But using 
alcohol has as many negatives as it has benefits.  I only use 
alcohol in the IV Prep pads.  Yes, life is so much easier!!


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