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[IP] re:back of arms////infusion sets

 I don't know. I tried a bent needle and a rapid in my stomach by my
trainer's suggestion b/c i have found very few "comfortable" spots
anywhere, but i wasn't too happy about the needle in me, and the rapid
i guess needed  more tape on top of it. Gees, when I had the salinepump
and thought about the real one I thought it'd be so easy, I could use
my stomach and my legs...boy was I wrong! my stomach is very sensitive
and my legs just haven't kept a set in (sil or sofset). more often than
not, when i change every 3rd day (was trying every 2 days for better
bgs, but did not have enough easy sites to find)  i'll change in teh
afternoon and for some reason i'll have to change again b4 bed...once,
(well several of these) no Delivery alarms..in a spot with little fat,
or pure uncomfort/stinging, I swear these infusion sets HATE me. I
called MM the other day and they thought that maybe it's my insertion
angle and were supposed to call me back Wednesday about having a
trainer watch me in sert it, but they never called back. My big
question for them is are tehre any other sets. THe woman mentioned the
short sof-set but then said it was awaiting fda approval..then i saw
someone's post about it! Anyhow, I hate the sets they either always
hurt, or tape comes off or it stings or the cannula falls out..in my
arm it was a hassle and i think i didn't put it in a desired spot. One
last thing..FRUSTRATING, first day of school went fine, UNTIL someone
was asking about the pump and I was going to show her how I was
connected (her dad has type 1) and darn thing, i noticed the little
plastic cannula was COMPLETELY out..no idea why, and the tape was in
place! so that made me very mad, and now in the class i get asked is it
in alright??hehe!
 MM the other day sent me a freebox of silhouettes b/c of all these
probs which they say shouldn't be happening, but remember, they never
did call back. I reordered supplies and my mom was told they'd be
overnighted b/.c i was really low on them (b4 i got the free box of
sils), my dad was called at work thursday and told that the order will
be here, Monday..so here goes! as long as my batteries don't die over
the weekend I'll be fine! (hech, there's ALWAYS Wal-Mart....

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