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Re: [IP] Lancets

At 07:23 AM 9/11/1999 , you wrote:
O.K., I have been reading all the notes on reusing lancets,  and I guess I am out of touch, but I use a new one every time.  For those who go for a long time on the same one, do you do anything to sterilize or clean it?  Like wiping it with alcohol?  Do any of you get infection in your fingers?  It sure would make life a little easier not to have to carry around additional lancets all the time.  Thanks

Hi Bob

I have never had any problems with infection.  and since i use a lancing device i don't touch the needle to ANYTHING.  touching it to something can move bugs to it.  remember the lancet really just Barely breaks the skin.  The skin can really NEVER be cleaned no matter what you use or how hard you scrub  bugs are still going to be there.

BUT    why take the chance   wash your hands before you jab that sucker in.  also do what feels best for you and always be careful.

Bye bye

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