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Re: [IP] Support Groups

Dear Natalie:
      Your reply to Mary Ann is just one more example of why this website is 
soooooo integral to everyone's successful Pump "therapy" - in BOTH senses of 
the word!  As I've often stated, cyber support affords us all instant 
"connections" with like-minded individuals who are equally determined to 
obtain the optimal health benefits for anyone (be it our children, our 
spouses our ourselves) living with diabetes in 1999. 
    A friend sent me Mary Ann's e-mail about seeking support for the 
glucagon/school issue...I wrote to her, told her about IP, she joined, and 
now you two are getting to meet & adding yet another "link" to the advocacy 
chain in your own area....
     As a corollary, someone posted yesterday about a highly proactive endo 
in New York who was a wonderful advocate for kids on pumps. Another 
cyber-pal, whose daughter has been pumping for 14 years, was searching for a 
new endo, since the daughter's now away at college. I forwarded her that IP 
post, asking if it was near her daughter's school? TA DA - would you believe 
it's TWO MILES away????
    So support groups DO exist even when they're not a regularly scheduled 
official gathering!!! Thanks as always to all the IPers who post & by doing 
so, enhance & touch people whom you've never even met!!
    Lastly, my daughter's story on the Kids who Pump Insulin page is called 
"So What's so Great about the Pump Anyway?" ( or something like 
that).......Thought I'd update it for circa 1999: what's so great? We went to 
a holiday dinner last night & Melissa was 250 at bedtime - bolused & was down 
to 170 within 90 minutes, and when I just checked her at 9 am she was 160 - 
higher than her usual 100-130 am bg, but she was hesitant to "overcorrect". 
Point being??? - a) because of the inherently satisfying bgs obtainable with 
a pump, she WANTS to check much much more frequently & hence detected the 
high  and b) my husband & I looked at each other & said - gee, we haven't 
heard about a 200+ bg in AGES!!!!....
   As Ellen (CamelsRFun)'s son likes to say: "NOW TRY THAT ON SHOTS!!!!"

Regards, Renee ( 16 1/2 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach & advocate)
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