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Re: [IP] Beginner's Handbook


I'm not sure if you're looking for fiction or non.  As someone who was
diagnosed at age 21 (for a while the doctors here called me Type 1 1/2 ),
I'm not really up on the non-fiction, informational-type books.  I do enjoy
children's & young adult literature, though, so in that area I've found a

The Gift of the Pirate Queen  by Patricia Reilly Giff
Sugar Isn't Everything  by ???

I wish I could remember who wrote the second one- it's out on loan to
someone right now, so I can't check the "diabetic library" here!  :)   You
could also go to the Amazon website or the Barnes & Noble one (or both if
you've got lots of time...when I go, they usually have to send a search
party in to rescue me after a few hours!) & look up diabetes & juvenile
fiction/ non-fiction - both allow you to order directly if you want.

Happy Hunting!!
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Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 12:37 AM
Subject: [IP] Beginner's Handbook

>Can anyone recommend a good book about juvenile diabetes for a young
child -
>around age 11?  Thank you.
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