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Re: [IP] Support Groups

email @ redacted wrote:
> Natalie, when and where? Maybe Annie and I could attend sometime..Or 
> maybe Annie would rather leave me at home and go alone..!!!!

Oops, I just got home from the pump support group!  The next meeting is
on October 13 (Wed.) from 6 - 7 PM at St. Mary's  -- it's all adults,
but I'm sure they would welcome Annie -- they're really a neat group of
people. If Annie wanted to go, I'd wait outside for her and make sure
she got to the right place. 

> I'm working on putting together a group of people (like you) that could
> brainstorm on this glucagon issue, and then go together to present it to the
> school board..Still trying to get all my ducks lined up !!!

I'd be happy to help! :)  When I was starting on the pump, the nurses
insisted that my brother learn to inject me, just in case glucagon was
needed,  so they had him come in,  loaded up a syringe with saline, and
had him actually inject me in the arm -- he was amazed at how easy it
was. Literally anyone can do it, if they're willing to!
> Spoke with a
> friend who knows someone on the nursing board..investigating their
> policy..spoke with someone in Vegas as well who said that the school told 
> her to leave the glu. there and if it was needed, they'd use it (ya right..never
> having seen it before?)

Hey, if all these folks can get certified in CPR, why can't they learn
to inject glucagon?? Glucagon is easier than CPR! It should be a
requirement for all teachers and school personnel -- every year, they
offer CPR classes -- as far as I'm concerned, Annie should have the
glucagon WITH her, in a prearranged location,  and all of her teachers
should know when to use it.

Last year, I took a diabetic kid on a field trip -- insisted that he
bring glucagon with him -- showed my male chaperone how to use it (in
case the kid had a low at night when I was with the girls), and there
would have been no problem! But fortunately, the kid didn't go low.  

> You said you were in the
> faculty lunch room after lunch, and after 7th per...At McQ?

Yeah -- I teach there 6th and 7th periods

> I'm going to be
> up there next week helping for Unity Day, so I'll try and stop by then, if
> you'll be there

Yup -- I'm assigned to the bouncy games -- not sure what time I'll get
there, and not at all clear what I'm supposed to be doing -- I'll help
clean up after the kids go to the assembly. Maybe we could set up a
rendezvous -- I don't know exactly where I'll be,  but I could meet you
anywhere, as long as you tell me where and when! :)

> Would you be interested in doing anything with government
> relations for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation? I''m the state person in
> charge of organizing grass roots efforts both here and in the south..It means
> that when a legislative alert comes our way we need people to jump and write
> our congressmen telling them why they need to support bills that increase
> funding for diabetes research

I'm better at speaking than at writing -- I do e-mail but am really
lousy at paper correspondence. I'm good at turning out for events, and
manning booths and envelope stuffing  parties and things like that. I'm
lousy on the telephone, too, but good at in-person things.  

> I also co-chair the walk to cure diabetes here
> locally (Oct. 10th at UNR) and we do well raising money, but the bulk of the
> money for research comes from the government and we are trying to be front
> and center when they have the wallet open..

I really appreciate the efforts of people who do the organizing of
things like that -- I guess because I'm not very good at organizing. I'm
more of a schmoozer!

Fund-raising IS a biggie -- I'd like to live to see the day when the JDF
goes out of business!!!  :)

Anyhow, let me know where you'll be on Unity Day -- I typically get
there about 12:15 or so -- I imagine it'll be a madhouse!

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