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Re: [IP] missing IP members

At 09:06 PM 9/10/1999  Sheila Sweat wrote:
>Well maybe he will come on out eventually.  I was just thinking about him.  I
>love Sara's comments because she speaks on the behalf of those of us who don't
>speak as eloquently as she does.Enjoy the ice cream, wish I could have some
>but for some reason my numbers are too high to touch it this
>email @ redacted wrote:
> > On 10 Sep 99, at 22:19, Sheila Sweat wrote:
> >
> > > Hey Brian I was just wondering what is happpened to Sam and Ted they
> > > used to add so much around here?  Also I miss Sara's comment's,  she has
> > > so much to add. Sheila
> >
> > Sam's not missing!  I know exactly where I left him!  ;>)     Sara,
> > you know, is in the middle of it all in the Big Apple.  She'll pop in
> > here with one of her prized (and dreaded) comments when you
> > least expect (or maybe when you most).  Now Ted I can't answer
> > for, but then maybe, neither can he!   ***S***       But don't worry,
> > when he posts something, he will be Quick!

I'm baaack!! I took a little pumper-list vacation for about 3 weeks, to 
take care of some pressing issues here at home (no cleaning, just 
pressing). Now aren't you sorry you asked? And, George only thinks he knows 
where I am... while I've been skulking around raising havoc, he's been 
naively talking to my cyber-clone. <vbg>

I'm all revved up, web-toed with moss on my north side, waiting here in 
Oregon for the first rains of Fall.  My pump is working great and I'm ready 
for just about anything. :-)

(In the Northwest, we don't tan, we rust)

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