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[IP] puberty and basals!!!!

well deborah...

tonight, geneva is 96 at 8:30 PM when she normally runs around 200 + !

today at school.. two pre lunch lows of 69 and 72 when she should have been
around 140-150.

it's like all of a sudden she doesn't need insulin.  her basals during the
period where she was low at school were 0.2!

I don't get it.  no abnormal exercise.  no over bolusing..in fact we have
raised her carb ratio from 1 unit:30 carbs  to   1 unit:32carbs.

the only explanation that I have is that maybe her velosulin/humalog is too
much on the velosulin side.  I have been getting lazy about being precise
and just doing a bit extra velosulin in our cartridge.  maybe this is the
answer.  but then...yesterday she was fine all day.  no levels over 170.

you can bet that tomorrow she will be as high as a kite.

oh well....sigh.


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