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Re: [IP] missing IP members

On 10 Sep 99, at 22:19, Sheila Sweat wrote:

> Hey Brian I was just wondering what is happpened to Sam and Ted they
> used to add so much around here?  Also I miss Sara's comment's,  she has
> so much to add. Sheila

Sam's not missing!  I know exactly where I left him!  ;>)     Sara, 
you know, is in the middle of it all in the Big Apple.  She'll pop in 
here with one of her prized (and dreaded) comments when you 
least expect (or maybe when you most).  Now Ted I can't answer 
for, but then maybe, neither can he!   ***S***       But don't worry, 
when he posts something, he will be Quick!


(just waitin' for my bolus to work so I can have Ice sCream)

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