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Re: [IP] re: KK donuts, back of arms, support groups

> BACk of arms?? I did that once but didn't work out well, the pinch an
>inch thing, what if you can't? can you still use the site? I used my
>arm once but it was a hassle, and tried my legs maybe 5 times but not
>once had one stay in more than a day or two, so basically giv en up.
>any idea

Stephanie's arms don't seem to have much of anything except skin, muscle,
and bones, but she swears the 6mm rapid was comfortable even in that scrawny
little arm. Maybe we didn't get exactly an inch when we pinched, but it

As for the legs, she frequently uses the upper, inner portion of her thigh.
It really works well for her...great absorption, no problems with sites
pulling out or anything.

I'm wondering if the teflon cannulas are more prone to working their way out
if placed near muscles than the 6mm rapids (tiny steel? needle that goes
straight in, similar to an injection...only much shorter). At any rate,
Steph uses a Tegaderm patch over her infusion set and has only had one pull
out (and that was way back when she was still practicing with saline)

Betsy, mom of 10 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98

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