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Re: [IP] Reflections on what we say and DON'T say!

Thank you Natalie!

I can remember as a kid being hustled home by my mother from New Jersey,
because I had been throwing up and not eating, and finally, gasping for
breath.  She stopped a New Jersey policeman on the road and said she had to
get me to a hospital, and he took one look at me and agreed.  One day later
my Mom discharged me from the hospital and FLEW to Baltimore, where once
again - admitted into ER.

The point of this story - while in the Baltimore hospital in the ER, I was
next to the stretcher of a lady who told me her sister had died before
insulin was DISCOVERED!!!
I was a kid at the time, and have no good idea really of how old this lady
was, but I
remember how emotional she was about telling me of her sister and how she
missed her.  I have never forgotten!  I often wonder how that lady's sister
would have survived if she had the things we have today - and I am VERY
grateful!  Sad, yes, but greatful for the dogs that Drs Banning and Best
tested!  Grateful for the insulin that keeps me alive, and VERY grateful for
my glucometer, because I remember those days of carrying my big ole gray
test kit with those Clinitest tablets, and the combination of urine and
water ONLY gave you a color!  You had to guess at the number!! AND you had
also to carry an eye dropper with a urine collector!

So, yes - it's NOT perfect - I'd like constant BGs at 100 or so.  But a
diabetic's life has improved a lot!  In the old days, they had to keep food
locked up behind bars becuase diabetics would go to any lengths to break in
and get the "illegal" food!  Now - we go to McDonald's with impunity!  So
MUCH to be grateful for!  Try not to forget that!  I sometimes on this pump
forget how far we've come, and have to remind myself!  Insulin was only
discovered in 1917? 1919 (?) and we've gained a lot of ground since then!

Take care, Pumpers, and be kind to yourselves!          Jane

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