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Re: [IP] eve's basals

I'm like you now, papers everywhere. Eve's basals are
8p.m.to  5a.m.            1.4
5a.m.to 7a.m.             1.6
7a.m.to 1p.m.              0.8
1p.m.to 4p.m.              0.9
4p.m.to 8p.m.              1.0

We upped Eve basals at 5a.m. to 7a.m. b/c she was high all night and wanted
lower numbers than over 200 in the mornings. Not sure this was a good idea.
She came home from school this afternoon and I asked what her lunch bg's
were and she said 127. First time this week she was under 190 at lunch time.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

> deborah,
> is eve the one who has:
>  0.7 basal from 7 pm-12 am
> ...and
> 0. 5 from  12 am - 12 pm ?
> ruth

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