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Re: [IP] Support Groups

Natalie, when and where? Maybe Annie and I could attend sometime..Or maybe 
Annie would rather leave me at home and go alone..!!!!
I'm working on putting together a group of people (like you) that could 
brainstorm on this glucagon issue, and then go together to present it to the 
school board..Still trying to get all my ducks lined up !!! Spoke with a 
friend who knows someone on the nursing board..investigating their 
policy..spoke with someone in Vegas as well who said that the school told her 
to leave the glu. there and if it was needed, they'd use it (ya right..never 
having seen it before?) Digging a little deeper into that..why does Vegas 
think they can do it and we can't? Same state nursing board I 
assume..Anyways..I'll stay in touch on that one..You said you were in the 
faculty lunch room after lunch, and after 7th per...At McQ? I'm going to be 
up there next week helping for Unity Day, so I'll try and stop by then, if 
you'll be there..Would you be interested in doing anything with government 
relations for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation? I''m the state person in 
charge of organizing grass roots efforts both here and in the south..It means 
that when a legislative alert comes our way we need people to jump and write 
our congressmen telling them why they need to support bills that increase 
funding for diabetes research..I also co-chair the walk to cure diabetes here 
locally (Oct. 10th at UNR) and we do well raising money, but the bulk of the 
money for research comes from the government and we are trying to be front 
and center when they have the wallet open..
Enjoy Thai night !!!  mz
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