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[IP] re: KK donuts, back of arms, support groups

We have Krispy Kremes in northern va, my parents really like them (and
there is one on my way to my endo in Charlottesville) but I'm just as
happy with the great big donuts with sprinkles and frosting on top from
Giant (grocery store) as long as they are fresh...more dough and bigger
than KK.
 BACk of arms?? I did that once but didn't work out well, the pinch an
inch thing, what if you can't? can you still use the site? I used my
arm once but it was a hassle, and tried my legs maybe 5 times but not
once had one stay in more than a day or two, so basically giv en up.
any ideas?
 There are pump groups in northern virginia...only type of group
lacking is one for teens (which if i'm right, i was the teen behind
this, we have a first meeting..bowling party, October 2)--but there are
adults type 2s and kids groups...
 One week of school down and already too much work!!!

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