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Re: [IP] Support Groups

email @ redacted wrote:

> Natalie how can you have one up there in Reno and we dont have one here in
> Vegas.  Our CDE says they have been trying but not a lot of interest????  I
> don't understand it supposedly there is over a 100 pumpers here that our
> known.  Other places that have support groups how many pumpers do you 
> have attend?

I think it takes a hospital that's willing to sponsor it, and a CDE or
facilitator who's willing to let people talk and truly support each

Our group is very small -- maybe 4 or 5 people at most meetings (which
are once a month), but it's really nice that way because we really get
some good chatting done. I got to ask a whole lot of questions when I
was new to the pump (not that I'm such a veteran now!)  :) 

Tonight we're going out to a Thai restaurant for dinner -- THAT should
be an adventure!

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