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[IP] RE (IP) pump malfunction

<< This morning I was bolusing for
breakfast, when all of a sudden the screen went blank.  I decided to
change out the batteries and all was well again.  Now I wonder-   I
never had a low battery warning.  Has this happened to anyone else?
What did you do? Just wondering if I should request another loaner until
mine is repaired.>>

Sounds like a static electricity attack on your pump. MM has asked people to 
remove the battery pack and leave it out for a few minutes and reinsert. 
Since you changed the batteries, there is probably no way of knowing if it 
was static, batteries, or both. I would suggest calling Mm to verify what the 
problem could have been. Do you wear your pump in its leather case, or 
without it?
 MM has said that the best way to prevent static events is to keep the pump 
in the case. Verify with them, anyway.
Barbara B.  
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