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Re: [IP] To all you moms and dads out there...

You wrote:
">When I think of that poor boy, and how he now knows his disease is what 
>caused his family to break up, my heart breaks for him.  It is not his
>fault, he was born to the wrong mom."

I agree with the spirit of what you say.  I agree with almost every word
but I do have problems (not serious problems) with the statement "his
disease is >what caused his family to break up."

I submit that his disease did not cause the family to break up.  An
extraordinary self-centered mother caused the family to break up.  A mother
so negligent that she would desert her child because she couldn't tolerate
being responsible.  Presented with a future of self sacrifice and concern
for those other than herself she deserted, she fled and left behind broken
hearts and an empty home.

I say fie upon her.  She will learn to suffer as a result of who she is.
Churchill said it best when he said of Neville Chamberlain after his Munich
meeting with Hitler (paraphrased) "He had a choice of war or dishonor, he
chose dishonor.  Now he will have war."  Our lives are a product of what we
are made of.  What we are made of has nothing to do with material wealth.

I hope, someday, that the child will understand that he is not the cause
for the calamity in his family.  It was caused by weakness and selfishness
of an adult who (through no fault of his) was his parent.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted

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