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Re: [IP] Help me??????

At 11:02 AM 9/10/1999 , you wrote:
>When I go to and read Digest, oft times I'd want to put in my two cents
>worth.  Unfortunately, I don't have a clue; other than to go back to the
>heading, hand write whose ever address, continue reading the Digest, then
>respond and send it.  Gotta be a better (easier) way.  Maybe my antiquated
>thinking is too prevailant(sp).
>Waddya say?  :>)


not sure what all you are try to ask.

If you want to respond to a digest message you can do several things you 
can highlight the portions of the message then copy and paste them into a 
whole new email message and then either add the IP mails address or the 
persons email address if you want to send it to them privately.

Another way is to hit the respond button and just delete the text that is 
not wanted and change the subject line of the digest.

I would say go with the first option.  seems to work better.

Brian Carter
Help Adm. of the week

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