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Re: [IP] HELP re ruth

I know what you mean. This has been a problem with Eve also, plus at school
her lunch numbers have gone up too. Tuesday night at 11:30 she was 209 by 6
in the  morning she was 111. Wednesday night she was 154 at 10, 98 at
midnight,(at this point Byron gave her about 1 carbo and NO bolus) 1:30 she
was 109, 3a.m. she was 115, 6a.m. 99, 7a.m. 107. At this point we lowered
her basal rate by .1 from 9p.m.to 5a.m. b/c she was dropping like a rock.
Thursday night she was 148 at 8:30, and then 306 at 11:30 gave her 3 units
this should have brought her down to at least 175 but no at 3a.m. she was
254, 7a.m. she was 212. I don't have a clue. It  seems like we have no
middle ground with her. For two mornings she had good morning numbers now we
are back to 200 plus in the morning. Hope we can figure this out soon.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

> also...(and you will continue to hear me complain about this
> constantly!)...her 8-12 pm sometimes jumps for no reason until the
> the night before last...she was in the high 200's WITH bolusing.  woke up
> 122 and was perfect all day yesterday.  last night she was in the 100's
> until midnight.  woke up 189.

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