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Re: [IP] pump malfuntion - perversity of inanimate objects

In a message dated 9/10/99 2:31:26 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  sent my mm 507c in last week to be serviced due to skipping screens
and now the loaner is acting up.  This morning I was bolusing for
breakfast, when all of a sudden the screen went blank.  I decided to
change out the batteries and all was well again.  >>

A few weeks ago I had a problem like this with my 507C.  Three times it only 
gave me part of a bolus (I realized it first when looking at the history to 
write it down -- the third time it happened I was holding it and watching it) 
and once it just went blank, for which I removed and replaced the batteries 
and it came back on.  Minimed sent me a loaner;  the 2nd day with the loaner 
it began to do the same things, except it gave me alarms when it did it.  
Minimed service had told me to wear my leather case, (I had been keeping it 
in my pocket uncased), that it was an electrical short.  I had doubted this, 
but when it started happening with the new pump also I started wearing the 
case.  The problem stopped.

A few days later at our support group I brought this up.  Everyone, including 
the minimed sales rep, was suspicious about the leather case helping.  So I 
took it off -- the problem has not recurred in the ensuing weeks.   My 
explanation:   both times the problem, whatever it was caused by, was solved 
by the placebo effect.  Minimed pumps are just very suggestible.

I still have no idea what caused the problems, but since it occurred with 
both pumps    only during those 3 days (I have used the pump almost 11 months 
now), I suspect that there was something going on.  The second pump did give 
me a lo battery warning 2 days later. (the batteries in the 1st pump were 
just a few days old, and are now working fine in the second pump).

Linda Zottoli
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