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Re: [IP] krispy kreme donut?

Gee, from lancets to krispy kreme donuts in two short threads--must be a
bunch of diabetics lurking about :-)
Dorothy, I don't know anything about chicago, but they are expanding.  So
maybe soon. Keep your sticky fingers crossed.  Sherry, i'm in Maryland and
they are here, much less than 600 miles, but I thought there was one
already in new york if not new england.  They are slowly spreading--I've
got one only 4 miles away :-)
Gwenn, without opening open pandora's box again (or should we say krispy
kreme's box), I think you ought to give in once and a while.  For me a 2.5
U, bolus of H, 1/2 before opening the box will cover one (Usually i do two,
though) of those hot ones quite nicely. .  Let's see, then for the whole
dozen that would be only 30 U *S*

<Wayne do you live in the chicago area? Or do they have those krispy kremes
<all over?! I am in Oak Park....
<Never had the pleasure of a krispy kreme but have heard more than one new
<pump patient at my CDE's office talk about how happy they are and how soon
<they are going to eat one :-)
<- --Dorothy

<You mean they aren't just limited to the south?  I moved from NC up to
<MA and the nearest one is 600 miles away I believe. :(
<So Wayne enjoy one for me will you? Especially if the HOT sign is on. :)
<- -- Sherry

<We have them in Nashville.  My step-kids brought some home the other day and
<it was killing me because I love them, but I didn't even open the box.  Now
<if I could be so strong with pop corn!!!

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