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[IP] re: lancet

Ok I will add my own.
For the the last 13 years I have been using my lancets
until they feel "dull", same thing with the syringes.
This can be anywhere between 3 days and 3 months.  I 
am still on that last box of 200 we got in 1986. <lol>
The old blue monoject ones. Actually I have been using
the freebies the mail order company sends me when the
companies come out with new ones.  Have quite a few
of those. :)  As for syringes...lifetime supply of those.
And pretty soon when I finally get my pump...more then
a lifetime. :)

-- Sherry

PS. Dropped the alcohol swabs and cotton balls the same
time I began reusing.  Never had a problem.
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