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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Curtis Lomax's response

 When will we stop letting schools stomp on our children.  What is the straw,
 strip searches?  Can someone explain to me by what authority schools enforce
 these asinine "rules" and deny butter knife holding kids access to

 School are trying to make it easier for schools.  They couldn't care less
 about the ease of school for the kids.
  Zero tolerance is lazy.  It only allows expulsion of kids with butter knives
 and does not stop the kid with a real weapon from using it in school.  Metal
 detectors and police are fine with me, if unfortunate.  Zero tol got a kid
 expelled for giving glucose to friend.  What a great use of his time.  He
 also has a record in the school for drug related activity.  BOGUS!!!  Lazy!!
 Schools do have a hard job.  There are real problems but testing in the
 classroom is not one of them.

 Curtis Lomax
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I agree with you 100%.  I am fortunate that all 3 of the schools Stephen has 
attended since diagnosis have been completely supportive of his needs and 
realize his education would be compromised if they did not accommodate him.  
I wish you luck with your daughters rights to the same education as the other 
kids in her school.
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