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deb and bryan,

with geneva, I noticed after looking back at our logs for the last three
months, that she required alot less also.
my take on it is that when ever she had highs, which was prob. due to
growing...I would jack up her basals.  or her carb ratio was too much and
she would drop and then OVER treat and then we would chase the highs from

yes..her total dailys were more then.

now that we have upped her carb ratio and she doesn't have these big two
hour post meal drops....(which she over treated)...we are finding that we
are using less insulin per day.

also...(and you will continue to hear me complain about this
constantly!)...her 8-12 pm sometimes jumps for no reason until the morning.
the night before last...she was in the high 200's WITH bolusing.  woke up at
122 and was perfect all day yesterday.  last night she was in the 100's
until midnight.  woke up 189.

this happens alot.  so we are seeing a need for higher basals on certain
days.  totally unpredictable!

geneva has gone from using total pump insulin in early days:  28 units

to now:   20-23

also...school made a big difference!  more activity than lazy summer.

hope this helps.
geneva  age 10
>  Is it unusual for the insulin requirement under pumping to continue to
> as the body adjusts to the better efficiency (fewer reactions).

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