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[IP] Support Groups

Hello Pumpers,

  (Hubby speaking in wife's behalf)
  We started a pumpers support group here in Tulsa, OK 
about a year ago and are have a lot of success with 
everything.  Everything started just over a year ago when 
a group of pumpers participated in a JDF walk.  Since then, 
we have had a number of speakers in a semi-monthly 
schedule covering topics such as general pumping, Carb
counting, pumping and exercise.  The next one will be over 
sick day management.
  Hey, we will even have our own web site!  I just signed up 
for a virtual domain today and I should have everything going 
very soon (it will be www.ok-pumpers.com but don't look 
now, it's not there). If anyone wants to find out what we had 
to do to get the ball rolling, email me and I will fill you in on 
the details.

Best regards,
 Jeffery                          mailto:email @ redacted

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