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Re: [IP] The pump;does it get in the way?


I have a MM and it came with a belt clip.  Tell Erika
that she can clip it on her waistband in the small of
her back or over the hip joint (unless packing around
small children, etc) while working.  That way it won't
be bumped by boxes and such.  The tubing can be run
inside the pants/skirt so it will be out of the way as
well.  But give her a chance to get used to the new
treatment plan, and let her see that tighter control
is more comfortable/workable. Tighter control can be
within any guidelines, so you can aim for numbers
never any lower than 90 or 100 to help avoid the lows.
 The key is stability! 


--- "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  I have been trying to talk Erika into getting a
> pump for awhile now.  She
> is totally against it.  I did however manage to
> convince her to swith to
> Humalog and counting carbs, so I haven't given up on
> the pump, yet.
> She is concerned about having to be too careful
> while having a pump,
> meaning, does it get caught on clothing, would it
> get in the way of her job
> having to lift a lot?
> Erika also has epilepsy, and when her blood sugar
> gets too low, she is
> likely to have a seizure because of it.
> How can I convince her that this is the best thing
> for her, and it won't get
> in the way.
> Kim S.
> Erika's mom, 20 y/o w/cystic fibrosis, diabetes,
> asthma, and epilepsy.
> email @ redacted

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