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Re: [IP] levels for bedtime

our endo recommends 150.  but michael has lily at 100 at bedtime  (right M?)
lately we are finding that 150 works for us as a midnight goal as geneva suddenly drops from 12-3 am about 50 points sometimes.  she then continues to drop until 5 am when she creeps back up again.
we are still tweaking this part of basals.  it is a pain. 
I personally don't want to worry about crashing at night.  we would rather she be on the higher side while sleeping and then keep tight control by bolusing throughout the day. 
geneva age 10 P.ing since june '99
So what is a safe level to put her to bed with??????????????????? We have been trying to stick in the 7 - 8 range (126 - 144). Is this okay, can we try to go lower?????? I know everyone is different.