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Could anyone help me. This is the situation, Eve is either high during the
day and night on average or she is low during the day and night on average.
Even when we use the same amount of basal insulin. We rarely find that
middle ground, somewhere between say 100- 180, most of the time she is
either usually higher or sometimes lower than this. We know that there is
not site degradation problem. Any idea here?

Here is my overly technical husbands question.

New take on the situation, a possibility?

When a new pumpers total insulin requirement drops significantly from the
MDI days does it take a while for insulin requirements to stabilize. Example
MDI = about 110-150 units per day for 2 years and as a pumper (3 months)
around 50 units. What seems to be consistent in all the inconsistencies is
when a basal rate and cabo insulin ratio is found after a few days we need
to again adjust downward. It is as if she levels off for a couple days and
then needs less insulin again. Control seems better as we slowly decrease
the levels.

Is it like a sprain or other physical trauma that requires the body an
extended time to stabilize or recover?

 Is it unusual for the insulin requirement under pumping to continue to drop
as the body adjusts to the better efficiency (fewer reactions).

Deborah and Byron  mom and dad to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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