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Re: [IP] Fran, could you explain gastro to me??? and Steven ofcourseyouaren't doing everything wrong

In a message dated 9/9/99 10:20:09 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<A few times I had to use glucagon because
food just wasn't cutting it.  Right now if I have a low I am using sprite for 
the carbonation it hit's your system faster and plus stays in me better.>>

I have found sucking hard candy (or even a glucose tab) helpful in this 
circumstance --presumably the amylase in the saliva has not been affected by 
the gastroparesis, and sometimes it even seems to jumpstart the stomach 
emptying a bit.

Funny about that chicken noodle soup, Fran.  I have often found a can of 
Campbell's palatable when nothing else is -- I had figured it was comfort 
food from childhood.

I had an episode last night that I am currently attributing to gastroparesis 
(although you know, there are always other possibilities, but the nausea that 
usually accompanies my episodes has been showing it's ugly head a lot 
lately).  I ate dinner at 7, measured portion of kamut (a wheat berry) as the 
major carbo, and 2 hours later had a blood sugar of 80.  Went and rechecked 
the package of kamut to see if I had overbolused, and found that I had 
misread a 25 as 15 and had actually significantly underbolused, so should 
have been high.  I never went low, checked at 3 a.m. and was 115, but then 
woke up with 245 and a lot of gut pain when I drank my tea.  I may just pass 
on the kamut for awhile (it is something I have bolused for quite 
successfully in the past).

Linda Zottoli
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