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[IP] re considering use of pump (jean d.)

I have severe hypoglycemia still despite using my pump. (This is before my
pregnancy too...) It is MUCH less severe now though, and far less frequent.
My A1C was at 5.2 before my pregnancy (way too low). I think in large part
it's because I'm less scared of lows than highs, and because I'm so used to
being low that it feels a whole lot better to me. When I go high it feels
like I'm wading through jello.

I just switched to HMO Illinois, I live in the Chicago area. They
supposedly cover all diabetes supplies 100%, I will let you know if I hit
any snags. They also told me they cover all pump supplied 100% but I have
yet to test that out. I will be calling next week to find out which pump
supply provider they use and contact them about the particulars, so I'll
try and save your email and let you know what I dig up. They do cover blood
glucose strips (my last HMO didn't) also. 


Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 10:18:59 -0500
From: Jean Dobrer <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Considering use of pump

     I am considering switching to a pump.  I take 4 
injections a day and test my blood sugar 4 to 6 times 
a day.  My main reason for switching is that I have 
had increasingly severe hypoglycemic reactions, with 
little or no warning.  My blood sugar seems to rise and 
fall dramatically.  I understood that my control could be 
more stable with a pump.  I have two questions:

     1.  Do any of you experience severe hypoglycemia 
despite using a pump?  Is it less severe than without a 

     2.  Regarding insurance coverage:  has anyone had 
any experience with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois 


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