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[IP] Thanks So Very Much

Twenty four hours ago, I was sitting at this same keyboard, wondering which key
should I hit - should I send the "Am I Doing Everything Wrong" mail, or just
delete it and try to handle things on my own. Well, as you know, I sent it, and
after having read the numerous responses, both to the list and to me privately,
I am very pleased that I did.

The overwhelming feeling that I got after reading all of the responses is that
maybe I'm not so different from everyone else in my stress and frustration.
While I'm certainly not happy to hear of other people having difficulties with
the pump, it some ways, it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only

Perhaps the most overwhelming reaction to my note and your responses is how
people who don't know me can take time from their days to try to help me. I went
from feeling very alone with this problem to a real feeling of "there are other
people out there who know what you are going through and can help." That feeling
alone has helped to calm me down some.

One promise that I have made to myself, is that when I need help with the pump
or the feelings that go with it, I will ask this group. Your help since
yesterday morning has been nothing short of amazing. It is certainly most
appreciated. I've decided to take one day, and sometimes one hour at a time. As
I need your help, I will ask.

Yesterday proved not be too bad of a day, BG wise. I'm relatively convinced that
as I started to read some of your responses, my stress was lessening, and my
numbers were coming more into line.

One thing that I do feel bad about in my note from yesterday was the comment
"After a while of my wife yelling and screaming at me, I finally settled down
enough to get one properly inserted." In reality, she yelling and screaming AND
CRYING because she was worried about me - I had the previous Tender out for a
while, and she was worried what would happen to me if I couldn't get another one
in, or just gave up. I'm sorry if I misled anyone with my original comment - my
wife is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Thanks again for all of your responses, suggestions, and caring. They have
really made a world of difference! I'll be sure to keep in touch, either through
the list or by private e-mail.

== Steve ==

PS. For anyone who would like to keep in touch, my personal e-mail address is
email @ redacted I normally check this account at nights and on the weekends.
The address that I posted these messages from,
email @ redacted, is my work account. I check this one
several times an hour during the work day,

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