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[IP] Re:the Energizer lancet

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] lancet getting dull
> am i the only one who uses a new lancet each time?     i honestly thought you had to, am i wrong?
> kim


Yep, you are the only one in North America who uses a new lancet each time you test!  No, I'm joking.  But you
do NOT have to.  Those rules were made up for medical professionals who test various people w/the same device
and who freak out at the first hint of germs.  (Just kidding, all you docs and nurses!)  I use a lancet for
maybe 2-3 months at a time, doing 8-10 tests per day.  Then, if I suddenly realize I'm having trouble drawing
blood, I change it.  In the 13+ years I have been diabetic, I have purchased lancets only once.

I have a friend--he's an injector--who uses a syringe "until the numbers start to wear off".

Just think of all the money, time, and medical waste you will save by not changing lancets every single time!

Take care.


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