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RE: [IP] Schools against kids

I agree with you.  The only reason we have had trouble is that they were
uneducated about our rights.

You see, they begin with the assumption that the child has no rights.  Think
about it.  Schools control when they sit, when they stand, when they have
bowel movements, when they talk, when they come and when they go.  Our
school has rules about what color fingernail polish the kids can wear and at
what age they can walk to school alone.  School can expel kids for having a
pocket knife, not for using it inappropriately, but for possessing it.  They
seem to feel that they can write new law at will.  Law that greatly effects
our kids.

Parents seem to go along with the garbage.  I think that we should stop the
nonsense and try to raise a bunch of americans, I mean, US Citizens.  Teach
them what their rights are, not convince them that they have to follow any
authority figure that happens to make up some rule.

The problem is only enhanced when a kid get diabetes as now they have real
needs and real rights.  The principals that I have dealt with are little
more that dictators in a little pond and when a diabetic kid comes in, they
are a challenge to that small fiefdom.

Now, one of my best friends is a principal.  He is probably a bit of a
dictator at work.  I know that there are some, perhaps most, that are well
informed and concerned.  We should encourage them to reproduce.

We have a new principal and a new nurse this year.  I hope that I had
something to do with that.  My motto this year is "Don't tread on me".
Everything is going well so far this year.

Curt, Dad of Emily (7)

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