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Re: [IP] Fran, could you explain gastro to me??? and Steven of courseyouaren't doing everything wrong


Someone a few months ago or actually a few weeks ago posted a great explanation of
gastro and unfortunately I didn't keep it.  I imagine you could find it in the
archives or maybe if that person is reading this they can re post it, but I will
explain to the best of my ability... yes I know run on sentence... :0)

> hate doing it, and for many months sat down and drank a beer before I could
> face an infusion set (now THAT's not something anybody should do, I know,
> link alcohol to a task!)

Please don't take offense, but I am LOL.  I love it!  I love the honesty and being
you!  Hey whatever it takes I say, just make sure and give the bolus for the
beer!  <VBG>

> I have a not altogether altruistic reason for writing though...Fran, I
> wanted you to explain gastroperesis (sp?) to me, the symptoms.

OK, here it goes.  It's nerve damage to the emptying process of the stomach.  I
can experience nausea, diarrhea, constipation ( where I want to use a hand grenade
because nothing else works, feels like you have a ton of bricks in your stomach ),
loss of appetite, cravings for chicken noodle soup, cramping, and blood sugars all
over the place.  I would think your erratic blood sugars would be due to the
pregnancy, but hey I am no doctor it could be gastro too.  One thing I learned
last night at a meeting is those of us with gastro should not bolus until the
blood sugar starts rising, this of course if you respond to humalog quickly.  I
had a good period where I could bolus prior to my meal.  These days I am waiting
to make sure it stays down and in me, which can cause the highs.  What happens is
the food digest when it darn well feels like it not according to all the lovely
charts etc..  So you need to experiment with foods and see how long it takes to
digest.  The main thing you want to stay away from is FAT.  Fat is the slowest
digestible food group ( I think 6 hours ) with gastro this could be 6 years!  :-)
Anyway, if you have fat hanging around in your gut and you have a low it can be
difficult to come up from that low.  A few times I had to use glucagon because
food just wasn't cutting it.  Right now if I have a low I am using sprite for with
the carbonation it hit's your system faster and plus stays in me better.
Typically I follow a low carb diet ( vegetables ) and a form of protein.  Lately I
eat what sounds good and what will stay down which has been soup.  Mmmm, good
thing I don't mind eating soup in 105 degree weather.  :-)

I hope this helps some.  Let me know if you have further questions.  Is there a
pattern in when you are going high / low?

>  I don't have a minimed so a
> square wave is not available to me, but I have tried mimicing a square wave
> with no good results.

I assume you have the D, which is what I have.  I mimic the square wave using
temporary increase, worked ok for me.  I also lately have been using the temporary
decrease to get rid of these 42 in the am.

> , and are making me twice
> as tired as a "normal" twin pregnancy, which is anywhere from dead and
> buried to zombie state :).

LOL.  Oh please go for the zombie state, buried is not good!  Twins, wow!!!!

Let me know how you are doing.


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