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[IP] I'm an official Pumper!!!!

To all who have written to me and asked me to keep them posted, to anyone 
who is considering choosing a pump over MDI, and to all the rest of you who 
have given advice and opinions, and anyone else fortunate enough to have 
found this list:

I am now an official pumper!!!  two and a half days with my MM so far . . 
.after a five hour training session (all of my preparation from thsi site 
was definately helpful!!)  and no problems yet.  I do my first site change 
tomorow.  And for anyone who is wondering, that sof-serter doesn't hurt AT 
ALL.  I can't believe how much better my bgs are already . . .especially 
because the whole week before my NPH decided to quit working all together.  
I still need to work on smoothing out basals and carb ratios, etc. etc., but 
the last two mornings I've woken up at 85 and 84 mg/dl!! It is soooo nice to 
be able to fix things without pulling out a syringe or a pen.  And, this 
weekend I plan to sleep late and go out for ice cream at two in the 
afternoon.  Oh yeah, and I'm only using 18 units a day, down from 28 on 
injections!!  OK, OK, i'll stop now.  I just want to thank everyone that's 
had a part in my decision to go through with this, and I feel extremely 
lucky that it all happened so fast.  i mean, I was only diagnosed 5 months 
ago.  To all the people on this list who aren't pumping yet or are still 
deciding, it is the best choice I've ever made (knock on wood) and I wish 
you all VERY good luck in getting approval and coverage.  This little blue 
box has given me a ton of hope for a normal and (hopefully) complication 
free life.  Sorry so long . . . . . . ---Gianna, pumping 2.5 days.  (and 
part of that ever present borg collective.)  :)________507c

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